We were thrilled to present our first collaboration with an outdoor brand at AlpinMesse Innsbruck!

Friends from Grizzly.Ski asked us the other day if we are able to use our skills to develop a top-end SKIMO backpack. So here it is. 

GR20 is a race oriented pack with a ton of features enabling you to use the pack outside the racing realm too. Simirarly to the development of AlpinistPack we wanted to create something simple in design yet highly adjustable to personal needs. 

Everything for races can be removable like the ski hooks or loops when you want to use the pack for hiking in summer, crampon pouch is zippered on the inside allowing you to open the divider. Additionally, front shoulder straps come with softflask pouch (no more flask ductaping) and zippered pouch for snacks or phone. GR20 is made of Challenge Sailcloth Ultra Grid, extremely durable, light and 100% recycled fabric. 

First ISMF SKIMO race pack on the market using this fabric.